Pallet Tanks

These sturdy, stackable tanks can be moved easilly and are the answer to your space shortage issues.  They come with radius corners, 2" TC drain, large top manway, forklift channels, on short stainless steel legs and have a 2B exterior finish.


Options available:

  • side oval manway
  • cooling jacket
  • sample valve
  • racking valve
  • forklift channels
  • sight tubes
  • various exterior finishes etc.


Available in:

Size Length Height Overall H US Gal Stackable
860 L 45" 28" 43.5" 230 3 High
1235 L 45" 40" 55.5" 320 3 High
1600 L 45" 52" 67.5" 425 2 High


Pallet Tank

Pallet Tank
1600L and 860 L side by side 860L tanks stacked three high


Pallet tank with manway Pallet tank with manway
Polished Pallet tank with manway Polished Pallet tanks stacked