Celebrating 40 years in Business

Celebrating 40 years in Business

WOW it happened! We celebrated at Slackwater Brewing in Penticton last night.

I was a full circle night for us, Slackwater ordered tanks from us, our welders, drafters, admin, sales all worked on the fabrication and details. We then celebrated and drank the fine beer from the tanks we made. Even though we work among breweries and wineries, its special to see the process in motion and see what we make actually be functional (well and good to taste!)

We really feel its a partnership between us and Slackwater.  Thank you for being great hosts and we can see a massive potential in your wonderful location.

To the many visitors and vendors and ex- employees that came, you really added to our event and our past in our growing to be what we are today as as company.

Now to 40 more……