Ripley has been building quality tanks for 30+ years

Ripley’s 30+ years of heritage has resulted in a streamlining of the process that allows us to produce your stainless steel product in the least possible time. Ripley is about efficiencies in the production line. Ripley’s pursuit of quality regarding the tanks we create is matched by our ability to create anything a client requires. If you can imagine it, we will create it.


Winery Tanks

Ripley custom-made stainless steel tanks suit all needs whether you require red or white wine tanks, variable capacity tanks or tanks of a more specialized nature.

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Brewery Tanks

From boutique craft breweries, to higher volume facilities, Ripley has been building stainless steel tanks for the micro-brewery industry since 1979.

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Cidery Tanks

The cidery industry is growing and evolving and we are continually innovating our cider tanks in order to help customers maintain a competitive edge.

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Micro Distillery

Micro-Distillery tanks require certain specifications to ensure a top-grade product – our tanks exceed expectations when it comes to custom fabrication.

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