Light up the Vines 2014

Light up the Vines 2014

On November 28, 2014, as Ripley Stainless’s social media ‘in the field’ main gal, I did my first ever “Light up the Vines” in Summerland, BC. I had no idea what to expect so I mostly observed and took in the atmosphere at each of the local wineries. It was important to me to buy two bottles from each of the wineries as most of them are our customers.

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First stop was 8th Generation; I met Stefanie and said a quick hi and watched her pour for her customers. They had amazing chocolate to complement their wine. The late harvest ice wine was in a beautiful bottle and looking ready for purchase. A definite good first impression. Thank you for your business.

Second stop was Summerland Heritage Cider – the place was hopping, A new tasting room and Tom, Bob, and Ron were pouring for all the eager tasters. You could tell they were so proud of their cider.

Third stop was Silkscarf Family Boutique Winery; right away I noticed that Roie the owner was very interested in what you were pairing with his wine…. “are you having chicken? Then this is what complements it.” What a great smile! I was told “our wine taste good in your tanks”  Thank you!

Fourth stop was Heaven’s Gate Winery; Andy the winemaker was having a blast, chatting, selling and smiling. We had some quick conversation and then I spotted the quote of the evening: “My favourite color is wine!” Yes that says it all. Thanks for a great event at your winery.

Fifth stop was Summerland Sweets/Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery; what a lovely smell as you walk in the door – YUM!  It must be the waffle cones that they make or was it the ice cream? I spotted a Pumpkin wine… I was told that this needs to be heated up and served, I am sure this would warm the tummy.

Sixth stop was Thornhaven Estate Winery; what a beautiful location – you can see the train and the valley, and the sun would beat down on those grapes. Jack and Jan were busy serving customers, it was packed. But their charm and patience was evident. I was told earlier by Jan, “If it weren’t for Ripley this crush, I don’t know what we would have done.”  Thank you from us to you, Jan Fraser.

Seventh stop was Dirty Laundry Estate; There were three tour buses and people galore. I stepped inside and observed the frantic ladies laughing and buying the “naughty” merchandise. The bar was full of tasters and there was a lineup to the till of  buying customers. I couldn’t help but notice the amazing view of Trout Creek Canyon.

Eighth stop was TH Wines; Tyler Harlton is the owner and the tasting room was industrial with a cozy atmosphere. I seemed to follow a group and then at one point they were following me. Truly this winery is in Ripley’s backyard and it is so great to have a hands-on winemaker and foot crusher so close to us.

Ninth stop was Saxon Winery; they had a fire outside roaring to keep the freezing -15  customers warm, the ambience was just right, they had a busy shop, filled with customers as well. Thank you for your support.

Tenth stop was Summergate Winery; I feel like I know Mike and Gillian Stohler the most. Their property was decorated beautifully in the theme “Light up the Vines”.  Mike was so excited to talk about their ice wine that they had picked the night before and were going to pick again that evening. They call it the “Moonlight Harvest”. Our tanks were displayed outside and full with grapes fermenting. We love local business and Summergate is a wonderful example of local supporting locals. Thank you.

Eleventh stop was Okanagan Crush Pad; as you may guess this was an experience. Wine, food, chocolate, and local John Rousseau, promoting his business; Okanagan Block – fabulous cutting boards. Yes I had to buy one. Julian and Angela posed for a quick photo. When you step inside the building, from my point of view, you can see Ripley tanks all over, various sizes and different purposes. Thank you for choosing us Okanagan Crush Pad!

Twelvth stop was Sonoron Winery; they have just recently moved locations and were getting settled. I had a great conversation with Arjan about family and the importance of family. Thank you for the Rosé.

What a great evening! Thank you to Bottleneck Drive for a fabulous experience of Summerland wineries.